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We can help provide solar systems for any industrial, commercial, and residential applications.


Our roof-mounted solar installations have been designed to maximize dollar savings by converting abundant roof space into a conduit for clean energy generation. We can engineer solutions that are low maintenance and long-lasting.


One of the fastest growing trends in the photovoltaic market are Solar Carports. Around the world, companies are choosing to tap into power typically lost to blacktop. Solar Carports are an economical alternative to complex and expensive roof mount systems that will let you take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity, while providing shade to parked vehicles, employees and visitors. 


Here are just a few of the ways our German engineered solar carports can positively impact your business, organization, or town:

•    Keep Vehicles Cooler

•    Minimize Your Energy Expenses and Enjoy the Savings

•    Reduce Maintenance Cost to the Parking Spot

•    Preserve the Usefulness of the Ground

•    Show Your Commitment to Sustainability 

UV Energy understands that these projects can stretch out over a number of years, which is why we’re committed to our customers from project conception to completion. Our project management team and installation crews focus on delivering your carport project on time and within budget. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing we are determined to create the most functional and cost-effective solar carport solution to fit your needs and budget.


Voltage Optimisation is the method of controlling your energy inflow in an efficient manner with means to save energy, reduce costs, and maximize equipment efficiency. This innovative technology can allow you to experience 8% to 20% cost reductions in electrical consumption. It also increases the service life of electrical equipment by running at the lower voltages that the equipment was designed to run at. 

We use an innovative variable regulator that automatically adjusts the incoming voltage to ensure that the output voltage is always constant at 220V + 1.5%. 

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