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At the start of each project, our team will help analyze your energy usage patterns and electrical needs to gain insight to the most efficient design and engineering solar system for your space. We will walk you through each step at your pace, explaining reasons and solutions that’ll cater towards your needs.



A growing range of financing options has made Solar Systems increasingly easy to finance. You need to understand all the financing solutions in order to find the most suitable option for your home or organization. there are four basic ways to finance a solar energy system:

  1. Self-funded or Cash purchase

  2. An operating lease (Rental) that allows you to rent the solar system for a fixed cost for the term of the loan. Repayments are 100 tax deductuble.

  3. A Business Loan such as Chattel Mortgage where you owns the solar system from day one and may claim depreciation on the Solar system from day one.

  4. A power purchase agreement (PPA) with a third party that owns the solar installation and sells power back to the property owner

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Monitoring your solar power production and performance status requires continuous attention and our team will always be here to help. PV systems are monitored, analysed and compared quickly and easily. The up-to-date system data can be accessed at any time, producing you an easy to read, clear evaluation report. 


Our team will generate reports that can include:

  • Your solar energy system’s performance

  • Net electricity bought and sold

  • An evaluation of archived and current data

  • A comprehensive self-consumption analysis

  • A permeant overview of power consumption for cost control

  • A visualisation and analysis of energy-storage systems

  • Monitoring numbers at MPP tracker level 



Solar Effectiveness by Design

Through a detail-oriented assessment, our team analyses your location, architectural features, electrical load data, and financial dynamics. Based on our research of your needs, goals, priorities, challenges, and overall expectations, we develop the most appropriate and cost-effective custom solar solution. This system is comprised of our most suitable photovoltaic (PV) products, inverters, and system components available today.


Maximum Effectiveness

The engineering phase is the most critical aspect of designing your solar system. Combining our expert electrical engineering with the most effective modules and inverters in the industry, we can ensure optimum performance for your system.

Our goals are to:


•Maximize power production

•Minimize losses in electricity transmission

•Optimize inverter load

•Maximize design efficiency

•Optimize wire runs within your site’s installation

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We take single source responsibility to complete your Solar System installation project. With in-house project management and a network of installation crews, this approach reduces duplication of efforts throughout the enterprise, focusing on delivering projects on time and within budget.


Our team is here to guide you through any stage of your project's progression.

Energy Management
Design & Engineering
Installation & Commissioning
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